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EWOC Concrete Wash Out in Action

EWOC by T3 Construction InnovationsWinner of the 2012 World of Concrete Most Innovative Product Award, EWOC concrete wash out system from T3 Construction Innovations is a self contained concrete wash out unit capable of washing out concrete trucks, mud tubs, forms, wheelbarrows, concrete buckets, and hand tools. This portable unit is easily transported throughout the jobsite, saving time and money in between loads, and is a safe, cost effective alternative to traditional concrete washout pits. EWOC is available in two sizes, our standard size, which is suitable for full scale commercial construction projects, and EWOC Jr, a smaller version built to fit through a 30 inch doorway that is perfect for institutional use or interior remodeling projects. Each is fully functional with a self contained hose and pump that cleans equipment and implements using water filtered through a four stage filtration system. EWOC utilizes a 40 gallon water storage tank and is capable of processing 100 gallons through the system. Suitable for use in warm or cold climates. We offer a electric insulated power blanket for winter conditions. EWOC comes equipped with convenient replaceable filters for easy disposal of aggregate material.


EWOC ensures compliance

EWOC Ensures ComplianceEWOC concrete wash out ensures compliance with environmental regulations, preventing fines starting at $10,000. Concrete washout sites are required on all jobsites, and concrete wastewater must be disposed of properly to prevent chromium from leeching into the soil and groundwater. EWOC and EWOC Jr. environmentally compliant concrete washout systems meet or exceed all environmental and safety regulations and are considerably more economical than traditional concrete washout methods.

  • EPA and 50 State compliant
  • NYC Bill Int. 576 compliant
  • Meets regulations at local level
  • Has built-in signage

EWOC on the job

EWOC in action

EWOC Cleaning


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  • Compact- fits in most standard pickup truck beds
  • Self contained unit
  • Capable of large or small tasks
  • Offers a electric insulated power blanket for winter conditions
  • Mobile unit can be fitted with wheels
  • Disposable filters
  • Ensures compliance with environmental regulations
  • Recognized as a BMP by MnDOT and MPCA
  • Easy clean up
  • Safe and secure container
  • Leak proof
  • Inexpensive compared to alternatives
  • Winner of the 2012 World of Concrete Most Innovative Product Award
  • No job is too big or too small!


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The award winning concrete wash out system that saves time and money and ensures environmental compliance.



CORK 5 4

CORK cuts material and labor costs by over 65% and can be installed in under 60 seconds.



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