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CORK - Core Hole Repair Kit



Safe, reliable, and efficient core hole repair

CORK Concrete Core Hole Starter Kit 4CORK - Concrete Repair KitT3 Construction Innovations has developed a core hole repair product unlike any other on the market. Winner of the 2014 World of Concrete Most Innovative Product Award, CORK is a fast, cost-effective alternative to traditional core hole forming methods. Without the need for drilling, ladders, or access to multiple floors, CORK, or Concrete Opening Repair Kit, can be installed and completed in less than sixty seconds, saving valuable time and labor costs. Simply insert the hardware through the top of the core hole from floor level, tighten, install reinforcing per engineers specification and pour. CORK is permanent, reliable, and code compliant.


Unlike other core hole forming products, CORK leaves behind a smooth, flat surface without the need for feathering concrete, unsightly mounds, or any extra planning or cutting. This competitively priced core hole repair kit represents a savings of over 65% per repair vs traditional core hole repair methods. Contact us today for more information about our innovative products and where to find them!


The benefits of choosing CORK

  • 65% cost savings
  • 60 second installation
  • Simply bend and break tension bars after drying, no cutting or grinding require
  • Permanent and reliable
  • No feathering required
  • Smooth, flat finished surface
  • Easy operation
  • Safe, top floor installation 

CORK vs. Conventional core hole forming


CORK  Concrete Repair Kit in Action

  • Easy top floor installation
  • Smooth surfaces without extra feathering
  • No ladders
  • No drilling
  • $30 per unit cost
  • 60 second installation

Conventional Concrete Core Hole Repair

  • Over $160 in materials and labor required
  • Multi-floor process
  • Over an hour required to complete the job
  • Ladders required, increasing fall risk
  • Drilling required

CORK on the jobsite

CORK instructional video

Horizontal Concrete Application

Vertical Wall Application


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CORK cuts material and labor costs by over 65% and can be installed in under 60 seconds.



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